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AP Chemistry: Class 79



  • Period E: Thursday, March 14th
  • Period F: Thursday, March 14th

Exam – Kinetics

  • Two questions (AP Style)
  • 45 minutes to complete the exam (not the whole period)
  • No calculators allowed (type 5, 6 questions) although there is basic math
  • use sample problems to practice for the exam
  • every AP problem has various topics connected to the central idea being tested- you should review phases, vapor pressure, gas laws and kinetic molecular theory
  • it is in your best interest to review the formula sheet provided for the AP exam so that you will know what content is provided to you.
  • If you empty your “Graded Work” folder (in our shared Dropbox) before Thursday morning’s exam I will give you one extra credit point on the exam

Chapter Objectives – Students should be able to:

  • Define basic kinetics terms from the chapter
  • Write the rate of a reaction given rate information using proper units
  • Use the coefficients of a reaction to compare the rates of participants in a reaction
  • Determine the reaction order for a reactant using concentration and rate information
  • Determine the rate constant for a reaction given the rate law
  • Write the differential rate law for a reaction
  • Determine the order of a reactant using the concentration and time information
  • Use the rate law to calculate the time or concentration of a reaction.
  • Determine the activation energy of a reaction given proper information
  • Determine the rate-determining step of a reaction from the reaction mechanism.
  • Describe the role of a catalyst in a reaction.


  • No Homework


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