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AP Chemistry: Class 80



  • Period E: Friday, March 15th
  • Period F: Friday, March 15th

Return Kinetics Exams – How do I earn points?

  • state chemistry standard
  • state answer
  • connect chemistry to answer

Exam Example:

  • The gas-phase decomposition of nitrous oxide has the following two-step mechanism. Step 1: N2O → N2 + O Step 2: O + N2O → N2 + O2
  • Is the oxygen atom, O, a catalyst for the reaction or is it an intermediate? Explain.
  • Identify the rate-determining step in the mechanism if the rate law for the reaction was determined to be rate = k [N2O]. Justify your answer.

Big Idea: Do all reactions have a start and finish? How do I calculate amounts when a reaction doesn’t finish?

  • Class presentation (Chemical Equilibrium)
  • Vocabulary, examples, sample math


  • Chapter Notes Due Monday / Tuesday
  • Practice AP Problems Due Monday 26th (before Spring Break)


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