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AP Chemistry: Class 87



  • Period E: Monday, April 8th
  • Period F: Tuesday, April 9th

Class Business

  • Collect MC Exams – comments?
  • Return Exam (NOTE: exam answer key posted)
  • Suggestion – how to support your answer? (EX: 1-e-iii)
  • Next Test – Monday, April 15th (Acid-Base Equilibria)
  • AP Problems Due on the same day (Pick any 5 to complete)

New Material – What are acids? Bases?

  • Defined: proton donors / acceptors
  • Behavioral / situational
  • Ka  / Kb “work” the same as all other “Keq” problems
  • New Definitions: pH, Kw, pKa, pKb
  • Problem Example

NOTE: class notes are posted in the “Lecture and Content” folder in the shared documents

Video Coaching

  • Khan Academy has an excellent series to review acid-base problem solving [LINK]


  • Work on AP Problems & Notes (Due Monday)
  • NOTE: AP Problems inside the shared documents (Due Monday)


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