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Robotics Go-Cart Challenge

Design Team 1 Design Team 2

The next challenge in the Robotics class is to build a student go-cart. The parameters of the project are quite open-ended, allowing the students to explore different designs. In order to maximize the quality of output, the class is being divided into two teams of five students.

Design Team 1

Each group had to submit a detailed design before being allowed to start construction. This required becoming familiar with the extruded aluminum materials and fasteners. As most of the students had never used tools, they spent time practicing cutting and filing the metal to fit their needs.

After this initial phase, the groups started to build the frames and experimenting with various wheels, power and other options. While not a requirement of the project both groups insisted on implementing a steering mechanism and motorizing the cart’s movement. The initial results of the cart construction are very exciting and I am looking forward to the final versions.

Team 1 - Building Progress

Team 1 – Building Progress

Team 2 – Building Progress


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