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AP Chemistry: Class 89 / Class 90

ph Measuring


  • Period E: Thursday, April 11th & Monday, April 15th
  • Period F: Thursday, April 11th & Monday, April 15th

Exam Monday

  • One problem (AP style)
  • Multiple parts, covering various aspects of acid-base chemistry
  • No random topic from prior topics
  • Students will be able to ask questions at the start of the class
  • 40 Minutes allocated for the test

Practice AP Problem (2009-A-1) [NOTES]

  • comparing weak acids and their structures
  • Ka & Kb – how to use in a problem

Practice AP Problem (2002-B-8)

  • Titration curve for weak acid 
  • equivalence points


  • Work on AP Problems & Notes (Due Monday)
  • NOTE: AP Problems inside the shared documents (Due Monday)
  • (short) Exam on Monday


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