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AP Chemistry: Class 88

Lemony Goodness

Lemony Goodness


  • Period E: Wednesday, April 10th
  • Period F: Wednesday, April 10th

New Material – How the heck do I solve complex acid-base equilibrium problems?

  • Acid-Base AP Problems
  • How does a titration problem work with Ka and Kb?
  • What happens when a weak acid is titrated with a strong base?
  • What is this competition and how do I determine what is winning?

Practice AP Problem (2007-A-1) [NOTES]

  • pH of a weak acid (part 1)
  • titration using strong base
  • equilibrium after titration

Video Help – Various Titration Scenarios (6 videos)


  • Work on AP Problems & Notes (Due Monday)
  • NOTE: AP Problems inside the shared documents (Due Monday)
  • Exam on Monday


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