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Chemistry – Class 7


Period B – Monday, September 9th

Review Homework & Extend

  • How do I show my work?
  • Why are units important?
  • How do I convert from one unit to another?
  • Practice, Practice, Practice

Test Objectives for Tomorrow

  1. What are the steps of the scientific method?
  2. What makes an experiment a controlled experiment?
  3. How can I identify the independent and dependent variables in an experiment?
  4. How do I show work when doing math in this class?
  5. How do I convert between units in the SI system?
  6. How do I write numbers in scientific notation?
  7. How do I convert between density units?

Homework & Test Notes

  • Study for the test
  • There are three questions on the test (with multiple parts)
    • experimental design
    • conversions
    • complex conversion
  • You can write anything on one side of a sheet of paper to bring to class (cheat sheet)
  • You will use a pencil and a classroom calculator for the test
  • The test is designed for 30 minutes and not the whole class.
  • The problems will look exactly like what we have done in class.
  • Homework to be collected Wednesday
    • 78 (abc), 79 (abc), 80 – 84 (all)
    • CSS students must drop off that day


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