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Chemistry – Class 11


Period B – Tuesday, September 16th

Lab – Chemical and Physical Changes

  • Bunsen Burner instructions
  • setting up lab equipment
  • lab safety
  • material location
  • complete as many materials as possible

Learning About Lab Equipment (know these terms)

  • ring stand
  • iron ring
  • clay triangle
  • wire gauze
  • crucible
  • aluminum crucible
  • bunsen burner
  • rubber tubing
  • crucible tongs
  • spark igniter
  • watch glass
  • scoopula

Lighting a Bunsen Burner

  • move burner away from stand
  • open gas valve
  • position sparker above the opening
  • move sparker while pressing in on flint
  • after flame appears then adjust size
  • adjust color by turning the barrel of the burner
  • adjust height of the ring stand
  • place burner under the ring stand


  • Lab observations completed – Dropbox


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