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Chemistry – Classes 16 & 17


Period B – Thursday-Friday, September 26-27

Exam Preparation

  • Chapter 3 Exam on Friday
  • Practice Problems from textbook
    • 41, 42, 53, 58, 67, 71, 73, 76
    • support every answer
  • Big Ideas from the Chapter
    • Solids, liquids, gases all have different properties
    • Physical properties can be observed without altering substance
    • Chemical properties describe a substance’s ability to combine with other materials
    • Physical changes alter physical properties
    • Chemical changes involve changes in composition
    • Chemical reactions change reactants to products
    • Law of Conservation of Mass – the mass before a reaction equals the mass after a reaction
    • Mixtures are blends of substances in any proportion
    • Solutions are homogeneous mixtures
    • Mixtures are separated by physical means
    • Elements cannot be broke into simpler substances
    • Elements are organize don the periodic table
    • compounds come form combinations of elements
    • Law of Definite Proportion – the formula for a substance never changes
  • If you can do the practiec problems then you can do the exam


  • Study for the exam
  • turn in the practice problems with the exam


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