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AP Chemistry: Class 17


Period E – Monday, September 30th

Lab Day Recap

  • why does the lab work?
  • what uncertainties could result?
  • how do I get the answer?
  • any special lab techniques?

Lab Report – Thursday

  • how do I type a lab report?
  • how do I submit a lab report? (
  • how are lab reports evaluated? (Rubric)


  • Lab Report Due Thursday (typed)
  • Submit LNB on THursday as well (must have full ;abs for all activities)
  • Quiz on Chapter 4 Tomorrow

Practice Problems for Quiz

  • Chapter 4 (83, 85, 99, 113)


You cannot determine the identity of the carbonate because the calcium chloride is the limiting reactant in the reaction. Gravimetric analysis only works when the precipitate is tied to the desired limiting reactant.


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