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AP Chemistry: Class 27


Period E – Wednesday, October 23rd

NOTE: Mr. Quinton is chaperoning the sophomore service day and will not be in class.

In-Class Assignment

  • Review textbook sections 6.1 – 6.4
  • Key Terms
    • wavelength
    • frequency
    • speed of light
    • electromagnetic radiation
    • quantum of energy
    • Planck’s Constant
    • photon
    • spectrum
    • line spectrum
    • Rydberg Equation
    • ground state
    • Bohr model
  • FInd the document “Lab 5 – Spectrum”
    • On looseleaf paper, complete all of the steps of the lab calculations
    • be sure and show ALL WORK, including the units, at every step
    • The end result of the lab is a drawn spectrum
    • All work will be collected Thursday in class


  • Complete spectrum activity
  • Complete Ch. 6 Notes


You cannot determine the identity of the carbonate because the calcium chloride is the limiting reactant in the reaction. Gravimetric analysis only works when the precipitate is tied to the desired limiting reactant.


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