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AP Chemistry: Class 28

F Orbital

Period E – Thursday, October 24th

Return Exam

  • Overall, the results were good for the class
  • Be sure and review the posted solution set
  • please come and see me for questions
  • BTW – tell me that you are using the area

Yesterday’s Spectrum Activity

  • Calculate energy levels
  • Calculate difference in energy levels
  • Calculate the wavelengths associated
  • Draw Spectrum

Activity Meaning

  • Q: what pattern is there as energy level rises?
  • Q: what pattern is there among visible lines?
  • Q: Why do we care?
  • Q: What could explain this?

Activity – Campus Mapping

  • Download posted campus map to iPad app
  • Follow in-class directions
  • Share your results to common Dropbox folder


  • Ch. 6 (18, 24, 37, 38)


You cannot determine the identity of the carbonate because the calcium chloride is the limiting reactant in the reaction. Gravimetric analysis only works when the precipitate is tied to the desired limiting reactant.


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