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AP Chemistry: Class 35


Spiral Periodic Table

Period E – Thursday, November 7th


  • EC to the first three students (together) to stand up and face the class and recite the five goals of the Sacred Heart Schools

Chapter 7 Exam Information

  • Three Questions
  • All are “work-em-out” “AP Style”
  • Look at objectives from class 34 for specifics
  • only non-graphing calculators allowed
  • Make sure you know ALL of the chapter terms

In-Class Work

  • Work in pairs on the provided three sample problems
  • be sure and show all work
  • one problem per sheet of paper
  • you will print out the problem and hand in with the solutions at the time of the exam


  • Finish three sample problems to turn in at the beginning of the exam
  • please print out a copy of the problems and attach to each problem
  • one problem per sheet (not side) of paper


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