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Lab Notebooks – LNB

The LNB Rules!

The LNB Rules!

You will be required to use a lab notebook throughout the remainder of this course, starting with the lab final for the Fall semester. This will serve as your lab and activity diary and is to be brought to class every day. Think of this as the place where all thinking associated with labs and activities will be recorded. While you should ensure that submitted work is neat and legible, much of the purpose of this book is to serve as your scratch paper as well. By the end of the year you will have a comprehensive record of all that you have accomplished in this course.  I will periodically collect and check your progress, although not every time that an activity is completed. Here are some things to keep in mind about your lab notebook.

  • Every page should be numbered (in ink) in the upper-right corner
  • Only use dark blue or black ink when writing in the lab notebook
  • Mistakes should be crossed out – no erasing or white out
  • No page should ever be ripped out or removed for any reason
  • Write only on the right side of the lab pages for entries you wish to submit
  • All data collection, notes, ideas, processing must be shown in the notebook
  • Label the front of the notebook with your name, class, period
  • The first page is reserved for the table of contents, updated as entries are made
  • No photocopies are allowed to be taped into the book, with the exception of graphs
  • The top of the first page of every activity should have the proper labeling (date, topic etc)
  • Even when working in groups, each person should have a copy of the collected data


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