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Chemistry Honors – Class 05




  • Period B: Wednesday, September 3rd
  • Periods D, G: Thursday, September 4th

Homework Review

  • sig figs math
  • units conversions
  • Mega, Kilo, Milli, Micro, Nano (know these)
  • Questions?

Handling Materials in Lab

  • weigh boats
  • drying and cleaning
  • balace and “taring”

Density Activity

  • Read section 1.9
  • determine the density of three substances
  • use balance, graduated cylinder
  • record data in Notability
  • Q: how much of each metal should you use?
  • calculate the density of each
  • enter your result on shared spreadsheet (LINK)
  • Note – open Docs [LINK] then sign in and add the docs to your Drive
  • calculate the Percent Error of your results (known values listed on sheet)
  • Note – see problem 110 on page 40
  • Record properly all work, showing properly


  • Place PDF of lab in shared folder
  • Exam on Monday / Tuesday for Chapter 1
  • Review (notes) on 1.3, 1.5, 1.7, 1.9 (PDF in shared folder)





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