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AP Chemistry – Class 05

Lab Thinking

Lab Thinking


  • Period C: Thursday, September 4th

Lab Questions

  • What is the beginning question?
  • How will I conduct the investigation?
  • How will I stay safe?
  • What observations and measurements did I make?
  • What can I claim? What evidence do I have to support the claim?
  • How do my ideas and results compare with others and to the literature?
  • How have my ideas changed?

Scoring Criteria

  • Can the beginning questions be potentially answered by the results of the lab?
  • What is the quality of the data and observations?
  • Are the claims a direct result of the data and observations?
  • How well are your data and observations used in your evidence?
  • Are the claims backed up in the evidence?
  • How well does the student answer all of the questions asked in the lab report write-up for this experiment?
  • How well does the student analyze the data and observations to make the experimental measurements of observations meaningful?
  • Do the results of the experiment come close to the accepted values or identify an unknown compound correctly or show an accepted comparison, trend, etc.?
  • In the reflection and readings how many sources are used and how are they connected?
  • Do the student’s reading and reflection discuss the student’s initial questions? Do they aid the student’s claims and evidence?


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