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CP45 – Gases

Date Tuesday, May 8th Class Business hand back tests – questions? hand back lab reports – questions? what is remaning in the class Recap from Class 44 what are the … Continue reading


CP09 – Easy Quiz

Date Monday, January 29th Class Business Turn in LNB (for those who are late doing so) Turn in practice HW (after review for quiz) Review for the Quiz SF addition … Continue reading


CP08 – More Units

Date Thursday, January 25th Recap – Lab Graph What did it show? what is the meaning of the slope? why is there scatter in the data? Revisiting – Units and … Continue reading


CH06 – First Quiz

Dates P4 – Tuesday, January 23rd P5 – Tuesday, January 23rd P7 – Wednesday, January 24th Quiz Significant Figures Unit Conversion 10 minutes (or so) Lab Processing what calculations needed … Continue reading


CP06 – Foil Lab

Dates Monday, January 22nd Aluminum Foil Lab – Procedure Part 1 – Density make sure the aluminum “shot” is dry make sure you take care to read graduated cylinder graph … Continue reading


CH05 – Foil Lab

Dates P4 – Monday, January 22nd P5 – Monday, January 22nd P7 – Monday, January 22nd Aluminum Foil Lab – Procedure Part 1 – Density make sure the aluminum “shot” … Continue reading


CP05 – Units & DA

Date Friday, January 19th (MEME DAY) Recap – SF Math Review HW Questions? New Idea – Units! Respect the units! not just an afterthought learning process… examples Practice Worksheet [Shared] … Continue reading


CP04 – Weird Math

Date Tuesday, January 16th Recap Homework Review Scientific Notation Quiz turned HW (by Friday) New Idea – Math with SF What do we do with numbers that have uncertainty? What … Continue reading


CP09 – Pennium

Date Tuesday, January 31st Class Business Video due date Sharing density data (see post for info) Turn in worksheet HW Recap Review homework questions How do I show process? Do … Continue reading


CP08 – Dimensional Analysis

Date Friday, January 27th Recap Homework work through examples from worksheet 1 [LINK] how did I show my work? how do I account for significant figures? Practice Material Worksheet 2 [LINK] … Continue reading


CP05 – Data Collection

Date Friday, January 20th Recap – Sig Fig Math examples “tricks” that are difficult? homework questions? New Material – Logger Pro Ensure that Logger Pro is working on your computer Download … Continue reading


CH05 – Respect!

Dates P1 – Thursday, January 19th P3 – Thursday, January 19th P5 – Friday, January 20th Sig Fig Math Review Homework Questions? Examples? Units measurements have quantity and units measurements … Continue reading


CP02 – Measurement

Date Thursday, January 12th Activity – Measurement Lab Measurement Lab Instructions inside the shared GDrive folder complete all work in LNB Q: Why are we doing this? Homework Finish all … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 06

Dates Period A: Friday, January 15th Period B: Friday, January 15th Period F: Tuesday, January 19th Test Day only classroom calculator keep breathing – it will be OK we have … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 05

Dates Period A: Thursday, January 14th Period B: Thursday, January 14th Period F: Friday, January 15th Homework Review Sig Fig Calculations Unit Conversion More Practice How does Density fit into … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 06

Dates Periods B, D: Friday, September 4th Period G: Monday, September 8th Activity Review Data – anything direct from the lab Calculations – anything interpreted from the lab Data table? Show … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 05

Dates Period B: Wednesday, September 3rd Periods D, G: Thursday, September 4th Homework Review sig figs math units conversions Mega, Kilo, Milli, Micro, Nano (know these) Questions? Handling Materials in … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 04

Dates Periods B, D: Tuesday, September 2nd Period G: Wednesday, September 3rd Significant Figures & Math Review textbook homework More examples Dimensional Analysis Measurements have numbers and units Treat units … Continue reading