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Chemistry Honors – Class 12

Chemical Nomenclature


  • Period B: Wednesday, September 18th
  • Periods D, G: Thursday, September 19th

Lab Recap

  • How does this relate to isotopes?
  • How did sample size impact your result?
  • turn in LNB

New Material – Nomenclature

  • Handouts “Naming Compounds” and “Oxidation States Charges” Guide Process (Schoology)
  • What do I need to know in order to perform this task?
  • Process goes both ways: formulas to names / names to formulas
  • Valences / Oxidation States / Charges
  • ions and charged species

Practice Material

  • Ch. 2 (71, 72)
  • Need to memorize oxidation states
  • Quiz next period on “Representative Elements” and “Transition Elements”
  • Check the posted documents in Schoology


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