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CH15 – Wake Me Up…

Dates P1 – Friday, September 30th P3 – Friday, September 30th P5 – Tuesday, October 4th Return Exam scoring update comment on “retake policy” [LINK] commenting on “worth it?” Recap … Continue reading


CH14 – Names!

Dates P1 – Wednesday, September 28th P3 – Thursday, September 29th P5 – Wednesday, September 28th Class Business I will return exams after everyone has taken the exam Breathe… it … Continue reading


CP10 – Reactions

Date Tuesday, September 20th Class Business – Lab Safety safety contract assignment (Quiz & signature) complete by Monday Lab on Monday (yeah!) note about lab clothing 🙂 Lab Prep – … Continue reading


CP07 – Oxidation States

Date: Monday, September 12th Class Business homework – questions? memorization questions? Quiz – Oxidation Numbers student provides sheet of paper Q provides periodic table Q reads name of element Student … Continue reading


CP06 – Formulas

Date: Thursday, September 8th Class Business review homework (table of particles) questions? thoughts? Basics subscripts / coefficients parentheses examples (book practice below) Elements some elements exist naturally in pairs (or … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 12

Dates Period B: Wednesday, September 18th Periods D, G: Thursday, September 19th Lab Recap How does this relate to isotopes? How did sample size impact your result? turn in LNB … Continue reading