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CH16 – Reversed Naming

Dates P4 – Monday, October 2nd P5 – Monday, October 2nd P7 – Tuesday, October 3rd Class Business Hand Back Test Retake is Tuesday, Oct 10th Work is due Friday … Continue reading


CP16 – Party Time

Date Monday, October 2nd Test Day provided with periodic table use pencil (so you can erase) if you make a mistake during test just single line Test Questions Q1 – … Continue reading


CH15 – Practice, Practice

Dates P4 – Friday, September 29th P5 – Friday, September 29th P7 – Friday, September 29th Recap Questions what is the difference between valence, oxidation state, charge? what is the … Continue reading


CP15 – Test Review

Date Thursday, September 28th (class color day) Test Units Covered Unit 1- Atoms, Elements, Periodic Table Unit 2 – Nomenclature Unit 3 – Reactions Syllabus Skills listed for each unit … Continue reading


CH14 – What’s in a name?

Dates P4 – Wednesday, September 27th P5 – Wednesday, September 27th P7 – Thursday, September 28th Class Business Update on test (last class) Posting grades and answer key New Idea … Continue reading


CP10 – Reactions

Date Monday, September 18th Recap Formulas to Names Names to Formulas Quiz on Tuesday covering all of this Lots of practice in Textbook Ch. 6 P(5 – 24) 10 Questions … Continue reading


CP09 – More Naming

Date Thursday, September 14th Quiz – Nomenclature student given 10 formulas quiz asks for the names of the formulas only ionic substances on the quiz polyatomic ion names and charges … Continue reading


CP08 – Naming Mania!

Date Monday, September 11th Long Block (after lunch) Quiz Yahoo! Our first quiz! Q provides element name Student writes symbol and valence or valences Provided with PT only Quick – … Continue reading


CP07 – Naming

Date: Friday, September 8th Periodic Table Groups have names! Textbook section 3.2 (Please know these) Formula Basics subscripts / coefficients parentheses examples (book practice below) Naming Formulas there is a … Continue reading


CH25 – Celebrate Learning

Celebration Dates P1 – Monday, October 31st (Boo!) P3 – Tuesday, November 1st P5 – Tuesday, Movember 1st Celebration Questions Q1 – Balancing Reactions Q2 – Label Reaction Type Q3 – … Continue reading


CH17 – Quiz Day

Dates P1 – Friday, October 7th P3 – Friday, October 7th P5 – Monday, October 10th Class Business Retake for Exam Monday during Study Hall you must RSVP through Schoology … Continue reading


CH16 – What’s in a name?

Dates P1 – Wednesday, October 5th P3 – Tuesday, October 4th P 5 – Thursday, October 6th Quiz Memorization Quiz 5 x elements (I give name you give symbol and … Continue reading


CH15 – Wake Me Up…

Dates P1 – Friday, September 30th P3 – Friday, September 30th P5 – Tuesday, October 4th Return Exam scoring update comment on “retake policy” [LINK] commenting on “worth it?” Recap … Continue reading


CH14 – Names!

Dates P1 – Wednesday, September 28th P3 – Thursday, September 29th P5 – Wednesday, September 28th Class Business I will return exams after everyone has taken the exam Breathe… it … Continue reading


CP14 – Exam 01

Date Thursday, September 29th Exam 01 Unit Objectives No M/C, No Essay Fill-in Blank / Short Answer Value = 80 pts Questions Asked Isotope chart Writing Chemical Formulas Writing Chemical … Continue reading


CP09 – Smile!

Date: Monday, September 19th 34 years ago… [LINK] The original author’s account [LINK] Class Business – Quiz responsible for all three sections Teacher states name Students write word, symbol, chorge … Continue reading


CP08 – Nomenclature

Date: Thursday, September 15th Class Business – Quiz Parts 1 & 2 quiz 10 items write name, symbol, number(s) covers representative elements & transitions New Material – Nomenclature rationale – … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 11 & Class 12

Dates Period A: Tuesday (9/15), Wednesday (9/16) Period B: Tuesday (9/15), Wednesday (9/16) Period F: Wednesday (9/16), Thursday (9/17) Note: first of the two days will be in-class independent (student-driven) review work … Continue reading