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Chemistry Honors – Class 14



  • Periods B, D: Monday, September 22nd
  • Period G: Tuesday, September 23rd

Quiz – Polyatomic Ions (20 pts)

  • I give you the name of the ion, you write the symbol and charge
  • I give you the symbol and charge, you write the name

New Material – Acid Naming

  • follow the tree!
  • “ate to ick – ite to ous”
  • practice practice
  • Ch. 2 (80, 86, 85)

Classroom Procedure Notes

  • please upload a picture of you to your Schoology profile
  • when submitting work to Dropbox, do NOT place in “Graded” folder
  • when submitting work, name the file what is labeled in Schoology (ex: HW08)
  • I corrected the “Hg” oxidation state – now “+1 +2”


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