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CP22 – Quizzzzzzing

Date Monday, March 5th Recap Questions about the concepts? homework questions? What is the most difficult aspect of this process? Quiz (30 minutes) provided: Periodic Table provided: mole map (if … Continue reading


CP09 – Easy Quiz

Date Monday, January 29th Class Business Turn in LNB (for those who are late doing so) Turn in practice HW (after review for quiz) Review for the Quiz SF addition … Continue reading


CH06 – First Quiz

Dates P4 – Tuesday, January 23rd P5 – Tuesday, January 23rd P7 – Wednesday, January 24th Quiz Significant Figures Unit Conversion 10 minutes (or so) Lab Processing what calculations needed … Continue reading


CH42 – Recap and Review

Dates P4 – Friday, December 8th P5 – Friday, December 8th P7 – Monday, December 11th PART I – GROUP QUIZ Overall Structure students work in pairs! (one grade for … Continue reading


CP42 – Recap and Review

Date Wednesday, December 6th [LONG BLOCK] PART I – GROUP QUIZ Overall Structure students given three formulas students also given information about a physical property need to match the substance … Continue reading


CH11 – PT Trends

Dates P4 – Wednesday, September 20th P5 – Wednesday, September 20th P7 – Wednesday, September 20th Quiz Spectrum Quiz 15 minutes only 20 pts All equations / constants provided Recap … Continue reading


CH29 – LNB Quiz

Dates P1 – Wednesday, March 29th P3 – Tuesday, March 28th P5 – Wednesday, March 29th Quiz Titration Lab process & reporting Partner quiz in the LNB Collect LNB Homework … Continue reading


CP22 – Molarity

Date Friday, March 10th Quiz – Stoichiometry and Limiting Reactants calculate all of the stuffs complete the chart shown in class New Idea – Molarity quantitative solution calculations units and … Continue reading


CP09 – Pennium

Date Tuesday, January 31st Class Business Video due date Sharing density data (see post for info) Turn in worksheet HW Recap Review homework questions How do I show process? Do … Continue reading


CH08 – Mole Applications

    Dates P1 – Monday, January 30th P3 – Friday, January 27th P5 – Monday, January 30th Quiz (Sig Figs & Units) Quick Quiz See Class 07 for more … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 52

Dates Period F: Thursday, May 5th Period A:  Thursday, May 5th Period B:  Friday, May 6th NOTE – all makeup quizzes will be Monday, May 9th @ lunch for those … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 49

Dates Period F: Friday, April 29th Period A: Friday, April 29th Period B: Friday, April 29th Quiz ONE calorimetry question be sure and show full steps (as modeled in class) … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 41

Dates Period F: Tuesday, April 12th Period A: Canceled – Conge* Period B: Canceled – Conge* *Note: titration quiz will be administered later in semester Quiz Topics writing reactions (full, full … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 36

Dates Period F: Wednesday, March 23rd Period A: Wednesday, March 23rd Period B: Wednesday, March 23rd LNB Turn in lab notebooks celebrate the amazing work! Quiz Brief Quiz on titration … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 16

Dates Period A: Friday, February 5th Period B: Friday, February 5th Period F: Monday, February 8th Quiz Limiting Reactants One problem scenario Que facil! New Material – Lab Prep we … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 05

Date Thursday, January 14th Test Day 25 Questions Only Multiple Choice use a Scantron Terms / Ideas from Chapter 11 Allowed whole period to complete Homework You have worked on … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 23

Dates Periods B, D: Thursday, October 9th Period G: Friday, October 10th Quiz – Mole Map One question Use the mole map to determine the mass of one thing given … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 14

Dates Periods B, D: Monday, September 22nd Period G: Tuesday, September 23rd Quiz – Polyatomic Ions (20 pts) I give you the name of the ion, you write the symbol … Continue reading