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AP Chemistry – Classes 21/22/23/24



  • Monday, October 6th
  • Tuesday, October 7th
  • Thursday, October 9th
  • Friday, October 10th

Lab 02 – Determination of Composition Using Color

Day 1 – Plan Activities

  • groups need to make stock solutions – divide among groups
  • Q: how do I make a standard solution using a volumetric flask?
  • the lab needs 250.00 mL of 0.100 M solutions of each salt
  • What method is used to characterize each?
  • What is brass? How will it be analyzed?

Day 2 – Conduct Experiment

  • What is the spectrum of each?
  • How does this relate to the brass?

Day 3 – Analysis and Reporting

  • How will I analyze the data?
  • What report needs to be generated?


  • Lab report in LNB due on Friday


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