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CH07 – Lines

Dates: P1 – Monday, September 12th P2 – Monday, September 12th P5 – Tuesday, September 13th Class Business chapter notes – thoughts? questions? Recap levels transitions lines Wave Math – … Continue reading


CH06 – Spectra

Dates: P1 – Thursday, September 8th P3 – Friday, September 9th P5 – Friday, September 9th Class Business return homework – questions? activity on the Circle – thoughts? Pulling Together … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 31

Dates Period B: Friday, March 13th Period D: Friday, March 13th Period G: Monday, March 16th Recap Generating Spectra – what’s up with that? How do we calculate the energy … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 28

Dates Periods B, D: Monday, March 9th Period G: Tuesday, March 10th Lab Report review key ideas what would you change? lab reports = written reports Activity how do scientists … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Classes 21/22/23/24

Dates Monday, October 6th Tuesday, October 7th Thursday, October 9th Friday, October 10th Lab 02 – Determination of Composition Using Color Day 1 – Plan Activities groups need to make … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Lab 08 – Atomic Spectra

Purpose The goal of this lab is to examine the spectra of different elements and determine the identity of an unknown substance Procedure Notes using the spectrometer, record the spectrum … Continue reading