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Chemistry Honors – Class 36



  • Periods B, D: Friday, November 7th
  • Period G: Monday, November 8th

Lab Notebooks

  • Submit LNB
  • Questions? Comments?

New Material – Virtual Lab

  • iPad app = virtualBrowser
  • Use this to go to the virtual lab web site [LINK]
  • Go to: Stoichiometry > Reaction Stoichiometry and Limiting Reagents > Determining Stoichiometric Coefficients [LINK]
  • Complete the Activity

Notes on Virtual Lab

  • works perfectly on a laptop or desktop computer
  • on the iPad make sure you have a stylus
  • while in iPad, you will need to be patient with the time lags in the application
  • concentrations are shown in scientific notation (1e-1 means 0.1M)


  • complete the Oracle Problem (loaded in the File > Homework menu)
  • to move the pieces on the lab you will need to double click and hold

New Material – Precipitation Reactions

  • double displacement reactions
  • how do we predict what forms?
  • solubility rules: page 156 (Ch. 4)
  • writing reactions: molecular, full ionic, net ionic
  • examples


  • Prep the lab for the “Precipitate Lab” (LNB)
  • Purpose, Procedure, Data sections only
  • there will not be a formal lab report for this (no calculations, analysis, conclusion)


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