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Chemistry Honors – Class 37



  • Period B: Monday, November 10th
  • Periods D, G: Tuesday, November 11th

Lab – Precipitates

  • Purpose – The purpose of this lab is to observe precipitation reactions and to write the reaction equations associated with each.
  • Ionic Solutions – A = silver nitrate, B = potassium iodide, C = zinc nitrate, D = copper (II) chloride, E = sodium chloride, F = lead (II) nitrate and G = potassium sulfate
  • Procedure – Obtain a plastic sheet and reaction grid. [PPT Reaction Grid] Be sure and rinse the sheet with distilled water. Place this on top of the reaction grid. Place a drop of the first solution across the top row of the sheet. Then add one drop of each of the other solutions, one by one, to these spaces. Be careful to avoid contaminating the well plate or pipettes. DO NOT TOUCH THE TIP OF THE PIPETTES TO THE SHEET OR THE SOLUTIONS. After adding each drop, observe whether or not a precipitate has formed. Record the results in your data table. When you are finished be sure to wipe the sheet with paper towel and throw away the paper towel.
  • Stuff to do: write the molecular, full ionic and net ionic reactions for each combination. Identify the combinations that do not behave according to predicted theory.


  • Complete the lab in the LNB
  • NOTE – we are not doing a full write up for this lab. Just complete the data section and write the reactions


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