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CP35 – Fun Videos!

  Date Friday, April 6th Class Business – Lab Reports multiple trials – formatting summarizing calculations general thoughts? comments? Reminders about Labs (that have always been true) Lab report grading … Continue reading


CH33 – Still VL

Dates P4 – Monday, April 2nd P5 – Monday, April 2nd P7 – Tuesday, April 3rd Mini-Lab Reports nice job! very clean and logical reminder: writing in LNB is not … Continue reading


CP33 – More VL

Date Monday, April 2nd Recap Virtual Lab titration standardization process how far did you get? Virtual Lab – Part 1 Homework –> Acids and Bases –> Standardization of NaOH Perform … Continue reading


Virtual Lab Support

Welcome to the Virtual Lab! The virtual lab is software designed to replicate the chemistry and decision-making in a real chemistry lab. The software allows for unlimited trials and experimentation … Continue reading


CH32 – Virtual Chemistry

Date Friday, March 30th Quick Idea – Standardization know approximate molarity titration is performing to determine concentration focus: reducing uncertainty and adding sig figs NOTE: “0.1 M” indicates a number … Continue reading


CP32 – Opening Day

Date Thursday, March 29th Opening Day Life begins on Opening Day [LINK] [LINK] Homework Review different scenarios for mixing if there is a reaction – changes how to approach Virtual … Continue reading


CH31 – The Struggle

Dates P4 – Wednesday, March 28th P5 – Wednesday, March 28th P7 – Thursday, March 29th Homework Recap Titration curve thoughts and observations? where is the equivalence point? phenolphthalein – … Continue reading



THIS POST UPDATED FRIDAY, MARCH 9TH @ 7:33:26 PM Date Friday, March 9th Opening Problem two soluble salts determine total concentration of an ion volume-molarity-mole ratio etc Class Business Test … Continue reading


CH22 – Freedom!

Dates P4 – Wednesday, March 7th P5 – Wednesday, March 7th P7 – Thursday, March 8th Long Block Classes P4 & P5 = do not meet (Career Day) P7 = … Continue reading


CP33 – Spring Break

Date Friday, April 7th Recap – Virtual Lab patterns? ideas? challenges? New Fun! More Virtual Lab Try: Stoichiometry and Limiting Reagents –> Oracle Problem Try: Quantitative Analysis –> Unknown Concentration … Continue reading


CH27 – Titration 1

Dates P1 – Thursday, March 23rd P3 – Wednesday, March 22nd P5 – Thursday, March 23rd Virtual Lab Notes demonstration of use of burets what is an indicator? realistic transfer … Continue reading


CH22 – Gravimetric Analysis

Dates P1 – Thursday, March 9th P3 – Friday, March 10th P5 – Friday, March 10th Quiz There is no quiz today Recap Ideas from Lab Molarity calculations What is … Continue reading


CH21 – Virtual Lab

Dates P1 – Tuesday, March 7th P3 – Wednesday, March 8th P5 – Thursday, March 9th [note: Quiz at the start of Class 22 on Stoichiometry] Starting Notes The Virtual … Continue reading

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Chemistry Honors: Class 31

Dates Period A: Monday, March 14th (Pi Day) Period B: Monday, March 14th (Pi Day) Period F: Tuesday, March 15th (The Ides of March) Virtual Lab Problems Problem 1 (Demonstration) Problem … Continue reading


Virtual Labs: Classes 28-30

Dates: This assignment will take place Tuesday, March 8th Wednesday, March 9th Thursday, March 10th Friday, March 11th Starting Notes The virtual labs only work with browsers enabled with Java. … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 12

Date Thursday, September 17th Exam 02 unit objectives posted in Schoology folder test will take one hour provided with AP Periodic Table and AP Formulas (copies in Schoology) must use … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 10 & Class 11

Dates Monday, September 14th Tuesday, September 15th Tutorials Movies to help you review basic concepts in chemistry [LINK] Using the Virtual Lab Walk-through of how to use the Virtual Lab … Continue reading


Virtual Lab Demo Movie

So, you are confused by the virtual lab? Don’t like reading the step-by-step instructions? Here is a brief video to help you along your way in the lab assignments: Please … Continue reading

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