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Chemistry Honors – Classes 29 & 30

H Spectrum


  • Period B: Tuesday, March 10th & Wednesday, March 11th
  • period D: Tuesday, March 10th & Thursday, March 12th
  • Period G: Wednesday, March 11th & Thursday, March 12th

Recap of Activity

  • what did we see with spectrum tubes?
  • what was same about each? different?
  • this was evidence that changed science > 100 years ago

New Idea – Quantum Mechanics

  • How to explain lines? QUANTIZATION
  • light emitted when transitioning between levels
  • LINES = discrete levels
  • SAME LINES = same levels for each element
  • DIFFERENT LINES = different levels for each element
  • Level Number = principal quantum number
  • Smart people figured out how to predict light

Light Energy and Wavelength

  • formulas
  • units


  • create the light spectrum for Hydrogen
  • H-spectrum
  • RESULT = drawing the line spectrum of Hydrogen
  • you will submit this on PAPER with appropriate supporting work
  • Note – you only need to show one example of each type of calculation
  • Note – this is NOT A LAB REPORT


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