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CH08 – H Spectrum

Dates P4 – Wednesday, September 13th P5 – Wednesday, September 13th P7 – Thursday, September 14th Activity – Hydrogen Spectrum formula to calculate the energy levels of hydrogen principal quantum … Continue reading


CH07 – Spectral Lines

Class Business a word about workload what to do when homework takes a long time Textbook Notes goal – record big ideas student not expected to understand what is in … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 18

  Dates Period A: Monday, September 28th Period B: Tuesday, September 29th Period F: Tuesday, September 29th Activity – Hydrogen Spectrum what did you see? what did it mean? learning? New Material … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 17

Dates Period A: Friday, September 25th Period B: Friday, September 25th Period F: Monday, September 28th Activity – Hydrogen Spectrum create the light spectrum for Hydrogen instructions in Schoology (“H Spectrum”) you … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Classes 29 & 30

Dates Period B: Tuesday, March 10th & Wednesday, March 11th period D: Tuesday, March 10th & Thursday, March 12th Period G: Wednesday, March 11th & Thursday, March 12th Recap of … Continue reading