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AP Chemistry Summer Assignment 2015

Welcome to AP Chemistry!

While it might seem rude to pile work on your plate during this glorious summer, it is absolutely necessary to start the year as close to full speed as possible. So let’s get started…


I want to to go here some day…

First, sign up for the course texting list. You will do this as follows: send the text “@qchem” (without the quotes) to the following number “281-500-9892” and follow the instructions.

Second, join the AP Chemistry class on Schoology using this access code: D4W92-HJSV5

Third, download the “OneNote” app for your iPad (once you have your iPad). Then, please sign-into the app (or create a sign-in) using a Microsoft login tied to your school email. Note – some students have experienced a weird login error and if that happens try to fix this the next day on a computer.

Fourth, purchase this exact lab notebook (LINK to purchase) before the first day of class. You MUST have this exact model of lab notebook.

Fifth, purchase the Kindle (e-version) of the textbook so that you can have access on your iPad, home computer and phone. I am requiring the e-version (Link to textbook – Kindle) of the text so that students can access this in class and at home. Sure, you can buy the printed version but you must have the electronic version for class. I have extra printed copies of the book in the classroom to borrow throughout the year.

Finally, some book work – YEAH!


  • Read & Take Notes (typed, PDF) – Chapters 1 & 2 (extra help here)
  • Complete Textbook Problems (on paper, showing all work) –  1.40, 1.47, 2.26, 2.50, 2.58, 2.66, 2.68, 2.70, 2.71


Test Objectives

  • calculate numbers using the rules of significant figures
  • perform dimensional analysis to convert between quantities
  • determine the protons, neutrons, electrons, net charge, and mass number of an atomic species
  • state the names and formulas of the strong acids
  • state the solubility of an ionic compound given the formula of the compound
  • state the name, formula, and charge on an ion
  • write the name of an ionic compound given the formula
  • write the name of a molecular compound given the formula
  • write the name of an acid given the formula
  • write the formula of an ionic compound given the name
  • write the formula of a molecular compound given the name
  • write the formula of an acid given the name

When school starts I will administer a short exam based on the test objectives above. My goal is to help you transition to the start of school and be successful once the semester starts. The beginning of the school year is always a hectic time for everyone so by spreading this out (over the summer, or the three days before class… ) it will make it easier to grasp the first-semester concepts. I will be available during the summer using my school email so please send me a note if there is a problem, question or you need clarification.

I am looking forward to seeing you in August!



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