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Chemistry Honors – Lab Final



The lab final will consist of performing and reporting on a lab conducted during the final exam period. Before the final period each student will prepare the purpose, procedure, background theory, and data sections for the lab. After arriving at the lab, each student will work either alone or with a partner to collect the data. After completing the lab, each student will write the remainder of the lab report for grading.


The topic of the final lab is Boiling Point Elevation (BPE). Specifically, the goal of the lab is to use this colligative property to determine the molar mass, and as a result the identity, of an ionic substance. How can BPE be used to determine the molar mass of a substance?


The procedure will utilize the PASCO data collection equipment to measure the temperature of a solution. Each group will add solute to water to create an aqueous solution. The solution is then heated and the temperature is recorded over time. The student will then utilize this information to determine the identity of the solute added to the water.


Each student should report on the lab in the full format (including Background Theory) coached throughout this course. The final report should have all of the sections as prescribed by the grading rubric. In addition, the report should include the answers to the additional questions handed out at the beginning of the lab period. The answers should be included at the end of the lab report. All reporting will take place in the digital LNB, WITH ALL SECTIONS CONTAINED IN THE SAME TAB. The final full report will be exported as a PDF and submitted to Schoology for evaluation.

Time Frame

The lab final period will start at 9:00 am and continue for two hours (more for extended time). The time frame is intended to convey the depth needed for this lab. In other words: DON’T OVERTHINK THIS ASSIGNMENT.


The lab submission will be graded against the lab evaluation rubric used throughout the course. The extra problems will be graded on completion and correctness.


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