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AP Chemistry: End of Semester

Dates Monday, April 4th (Class 36) Yadda, yadda, yadda Monday, May 2nd (Class 49) What’s Left 7 class meetings (content) 2 x Chapter Notes (PDF) 8 x AP Problems 1 … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 34 & 35

Dates Monday, March 21st Tuesday, March 22nd Finish Study of Equilibrium Review Ksp problems Homework due Tuesday Two extra problems in folder for extra Quiz Tuesday ONE AP problem Ksp … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 32 & 33

Dates Wednesday, March 16th Friday, March 18th Exam Recap Return Acid-Base exam review answers and concepts coaching how to show work calculator: friend or foe? New Idea: Solubility Ksp works … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 31

Date Tuesday, March 15th Exam: Acid-Base Two Questions AP-Style free response you may use your own woobie I will collect chapter HW before the exam Homework No Homework


AP Chemistry: Classes 27-30

Class 27 (Monday) Acid-Base Equilibria practice Complete provided problems Class 28 (Wednesday) Review homework Problems Note: problems will be checked in and returned to students for use Questions about assigned … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 26

Date Friday, March 4th Acid-Base Equilibrium Problems Thoughts Titration one-way before EQ Ka x Kb = Kw pH + POH = 14 pH = pKa + log[A-]/[HA] Homework Finish AP … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 25

Date Wednesday, March 2nd Class Meeting discussion of ground rules for course goals for the course respecting others respecting pursuit of content Goal 2? Goal 4? Goal 5? Mr. Quinton … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 24

Date Tuesday, March 1st Exam Return Exam Scoring Guide Published Common Mistakes Proving your answer Questions? Commentary? New Material: Acids / Bases Lecture Presentation Applying the math Meaning of Acids … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 23

Date Monday, February 29th Exam: Kinetics and Equilibrium Two questions (one each topic) AP style questions 40 minutes to complete test Homework No Homework


AP Chemistry: Class 22

Date Thursday, February 25th Finish Equilibrium Concepts Le Chatelier’s Principle when it applies – what it means examples Test / Quiz Monday Two problems – AP Style kinetics & equilibrium … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 21

Date Wednesday, February 24th Equilibrium Recap Equilibrium expressions “K” value (meaning? calculate?) “Q” value (when to use? meaning?) homogeneous v heterogeneous pocesses Practice Scenarios 04-B-1 (basic ideas) 00-A-1 (given information … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 20

Date Monday, February 22nd Recap Kinetics Lab overall findings challenges / obstructions Lab Report Individual report (LNB) full / polished / “nice” write ups used shared class data New Material: … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Spirit Week 2016

Dates Monday, February 8th Tuesday, February 9th Thursday, February 11th Friday, February 12th Activity: Kinetics Lab Pre-Lab Notes solution concentrations need to match that needed by the procedure. will coordinate … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 15

Date Thursday, February 4th Kinetics Recap: Differential Rate Laws (How fast!) rate depends upon concentration uses experiemntal data order does not depend upon overall reaction stoichiometry order reflects RDS of … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 14

Date Wednesday, February 3rd Kinetics Practice AP Problems Found in Schoology Folder Separate problem on each sheet New Ideas Reaction Mechanism Rate Determining Step Connections Homework Finish 3 AP Problems


AP Chemistry: Class 13

Date Tuesday, February 2nd Kairos Assignment Review Goals of the assignment feedback New Material – Kinetics How fast? How to represent? Examples of differential rate law Examples of calculating order … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Classes 11 & 12

Dates Thursday, January 28th Friday, January 29th Kairos Assignment The purpose of assignment review and recap material from the course covered until this point In addition, the goal is to … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 10

Date Tuesday, January 26th Class Business Kairos Retreat this week 10 of 14 students remain in class Working in class on review materials Please bring iPad, paper There will be … Continue reading