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Chemistry Honors – Class 03



  • Period A: Thursday, August 27th
  • Period B: Friday, August 28th
  • Period F: Friday, August 28th

Class Activity – Chemical and Physical Changes


  • For each combination of items you should gather the items separately and take them back to your table
  • perform each combination separately
  • record all observations possible after they are combined – details important
  • no need to write complete sentences


  • all combinations with hydrochloric acid should be dumped in waste beaker
  • wash all test tubes with water and return to the box
  • extra powders and solids should be thrown into the trash
  • wipe all surfaces with water
  • spilled acid – neutralize with sodium bicarbonate

Combinations of Substances

  • zinc metal (one nugget) in hydrochloric acid (inch)
  • sodium bicarbonate (pinch) in hydrochloric acid (inch)
  • sodium bicarbonate (pinch) heated
  • dextrose (pinch) heated
  • salt (pinch) heated
  • salt (pinch) in water (inch)


  • finish safety assignments
  • finish Class 01 work
  • complete notes from this lab
  • make sure to bring your lab notebook next class meeting


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