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AP Chemistry – Class 02



  • Thursday, August 27th

Overview of Lab Process

  • Lab Safety Exam (complete and upload)
  • Lab Contract (sign and upload)
  • Room Safety
  • Lab Clothing
  • Locating materials for the lab
  • Lab Prep / Lab Reporting (see instructions – LINK)

Lab 01

  • What is the Relationship Between the Concentration of a Solution and theAmount of Transmitted Light Through the Solution?
  • What is the concentration of Blue Dye#1 in a sample of Blue Gatorade?

Theory Overview – Spectroscopy

Absorbance v Wavelength

  • light / wavelengths / absorbance / Transmittance
  • spectroscopy
  • More information – LINK

Day 01 – Planning

  • Read through the lab instructions
  • Determine the central question being asked.
  • What relationship is being examined?
  • What specific answer is being sought?
  • Plan the process of answering the lab questions
  • how do I use a spectrometer?
  • what tools will I use to analyze the data?
  • Write a purpose, background theory, procedure and data section for the lab (LNB)


  • Prep the lab in your LNB


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