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AP Chemistry – Class 03



  • Friday, August 28th

Lab Day 02 – Conduct the Lab


  • We are using the BioRad SmartSpec Plus (not Spec 20)
  • Wavelength used = 630 nm
  • Stock Solution = 7.63 x 10-6 M (Blue Dye #1)
  • Measure the size of the cuvette to gauge how much solution you will need
  • distilled water
  • How do you make the proper dilution?
  • What measuring device will you use for volume?
  • Each group should spread out measurements -take a reading as a solution is generated
  • Each group has its own blank
  • do not assume that anything is clean
  • location of glassware
  • reminder about LNB (we are NOT writing a report now)

Mid-lab Questions

  • how do you know the data is meaningful?
  • how many trials do I need to conduct?
  • how am I analyzing my data?


  • finish all parts of Lab Report by September 2nd – turn in LNB


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