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Chemistry Honors – Class 06

Who is this? Why is he here?

Who is this? Why is he here?


  • Period A: Thursday, September 3rd
  • Period B: Thursday, September 3rd
  • Period F: Friday, September 4th

Chapter Terms

  • Finish group work
  • report to the class
  • most confusing terms? why?

Evolution of Atomic Theory (Chart – LINK)

  • Greeks – Dalton – Avogadro – Thomson – Rutherford – Current
  • How did each idea explain the atom?
  • What did each get right?
  • What did each get wrong?
  • What did each add that was not true before?
  • What experiments did each conduct?
  • Fill out the chart briefly summarizing the information


  • Read and take notes on Chapter 2 (2.1 – 2.7 only) as PDF to Schoology
  • Finish the chart of scientists (submit to Schoology)


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