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CP18192021 – Project Work

Dates Wednesday, October 4th Friday, October 6th Tuesday, October 10th Thursday, October 12th Class Work Working in project groups filming writing script project research NoodleTools Submission Requirements video posted to … Continue reading


CH03 – Inquiry

Dates P4 – Wednesday, August 30th P5 – Thursday, August 31st P7 – Friday, September 1st Recap of Previous Class Matter / Energy / Neither Compound vs Solution Moving from … Continue reading


CP19 – Video Collaboration

Date Wednesday, October 12th EdPuzzle join EDpuzzle [LINK] cool web tool to interact with videos Video Viewing watch the videos as a class group then watch each one on laptops … Continue reading


CP15161718 – Video Project

Dates Friday, September 30th Thursday, October 6th Class Business (9/30) Return Exam General Comments (nice job!) New Unit – Video Project (9/30) Group Project Three Groups (4-4-3) Project Instructions (Schoology) … Continue reading


CH13 – Exam 1

Dates P1 – Tuesday, September 27th P3 – Tuesday, September 27th P5 – Wednesday, Septemebr 28th Exam Structure no multiple choice (boooo!) no essay (yeahh!) short-answer questions (uhhh….) NOTE: no … Continue reading


CH03 – Black Box

Dates P3 – Tuesday, August 30th P1 – Wednesday, August 31st P5 – Friday, September 2nd Class Business recap chapter notes – thoughts? let’s create shared GDrive folder NOTE: this is … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 07

Dates Period A: Friday, September 4th Period B: Friday, September 4th Period F: Tuesday, September 8th Activity: Black Box Purpose The purpose of this lab is to determine the nature of objects inside a closed … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 06

Who is this? Why is he here? Dates Period A: Thursday, September 3rd Period B: Thursday, September 3rd Period F: Friday, September 4th Chapter Terms Finish group work report to the class most … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 11

Dates Periods B, D: Tuesday, September 16th Period G: Wednesday, September 17th Activity – Coinium Background: prior to 1982, U.S. pennies were made of mostly copper (approximately 95%), with the … Continue reading