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Chemistry Honors – Class 13

What element is this?

What element is this?


  • Period A: Thursday, September 17th
  • Period B: Friday, September 18th
  • Period F: Friday, September 18th

Activity – Line Spectra


  • how do scientists know about electrons?
  • what evidence do they have?


  • spectrum tubes and power supplies
  • how to use Spectrometers
  • rotate among five stations
  • briefly write / draw procedure / lab in iPad
  • draw what you see (the data) on your iPad
  • Be sure and label your results properly

Post-Activity Questions

  • Describe what is common between the light from each tube
  • Describe what is different between the light from each tube
  • How is sunlight different in the light that is emitted?
  • How might this be used in science or astronomy?


  • notes: Chapter 7 (PDF to Schoology HW07)  due Wednesday
  • submit class work from this spectrum lab activity (PDF to Schoology LW04)

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