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CP25 – Orbitals

Date Monday, October 23rd Recap what is a continuous world? what does it mean to be quantized? can you provide example / analogy of each? New Idea – Levels & … Continue reading


CP18192021 – Project Work

Dates Wednesday, October 4th Friday, October 6th Tuesday, October 10th Thursday, October 12th Class Work Working in project groups filming writing script project research NoodleTools Submission Requirements video posted to … Continue reading


CH06 – Electrons

Dates P4 – Thursday, September 7th P5 – Thursday, September 7th P6 – Friday, September 8th Pulling Together What did Dalton think the atom looked like? What did Thomson know … Continue reading


CP24 – Spectrum Lines

Date Monday, October 31st New Material – Spectrum Lines Given the energy levels of an electron, can you determine the number of lines produced by the atom? Simple example… possible … Continue reading


CP20 – Line Spectra

Date Friday, October 14th Review CER Sheet what is true for each scientist? how do they lead to each other? what questions do we have? Activity For each scintist review … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 13

Dates Period A: Thursday, September 17th Period B: Friday, September 18th Period F: Friday, September 18th Activity – Line Spectra Introduction how do scientists know about electrons? what evidence do they … Continue reading