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AP Chemistry – Class 29 & Class 30



  • Monday, October 25th (practice)
  • Tuesday, October 26th (exam)


  • AP Formula Sheet / AP Periodic Table
  • Class Calculator
  • 10 M/C Questions
  • 4 FR Questions

FR Questions

  • Energy Levels & Spectra
  • Electron Configurations and Orbital Diagrams
  • Quantum Numbers
  • Comparison of Atomic Properties

Practice Questions

  • Ch. 6 (27, 38, 53, 74)
  • Ch. 7 (16, 26, 28, 37, 45, 93)


  • Calculate the speed, wavelength and frequency of a wave.
  • Apply quantum theory to calculate the energy of a wave.
  • Describe the origin of emission line spectra.
  • Calculate the energy, wavelength and frequency or spectral emission lines.
  • Define and identify the four quantum numbers for any electron in an atom.
  • Describe the properties of s, p, d and f orbitals using the four quantum numbers
  • Write electron configuration for any atomic or ionic species.
  • Show the connection between the table structure and electronic configuration.
  • Identify the valence electrons of an atom and explain how isoelectronic species are related as a result
  • Use the periodic table to predict trends in atomic properties: atomic size, ionization energy
  • Identify the differences between first, second and third ionization energies and how these trends appear on the periodic table
  • Explain the role of effective nuclear charge in explaining chemical properties
  • Predict chemical properties using the group structure of the periodic table.


  • Exam on Ch. 6 & Ch. 7 Tuesday (10/27)


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