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Chemistry Honors: Class 15


It’s a bit odd-ish to be calculating moles, right?


  • Period A: Thursday, February 3rd
  • Period B: Thursday, February 3rd
  • Period F: Friday, February 4th

Limiting Reactants

  • Practice – Practice
  • Chapter 3 (115, 117, 119)
  • For each problem, in addition to answering the question, you must fill in the complete chart (moles) regardless of what is being asked.
  • Only ONE PROBLEM may be written on a side of a single sheet of paper so as to give you enough room to show work properly.
  • Please copy down the given reaction and show all work, as modeled in class.


  • Finish the textbook work (collected next class)
  • There will be a short quiz next class on this problem type


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