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CP35 – Fun Videos!

  Date Friday, April 6th Class Business – Lab Reports multiple trials – formatting summarizing calculations general thoughts? comments? Reminders about Labs (that have always been true) Lab report grading … Continue reading


CP21 – S’mores

Date Friday, March 2nd Yummy Food Things what ingredients do I have from the store? what is the recipe for a S’more? how do I write that reaction? what is … Continue reading


CP20 – Limiting!

Date Thursday, March 1st Recap stoichiometry – mole math with reactions two reactants – one might run out Puzzle Game combustion of methane given numbers figure out the pattern Application … Continue reading


CP19 – What If?

Date Tuesday, February 27th Recap – Stoichiometry homework review questions? New Idea – Limiting Reactants Limiting Reactant predicts product Excess reactant is left over Must perform calculations to determine Lots … Continue reading


CH18 – Yield

Dates P4 – Monday, February 26th P5 – Tuesday, Febraury 27th P7 – Tuesday, February 27th Class Business Return Tests Return LNB Notes about areas of growth Revisiting – IDF … Continue reading


CH17 – IDF

Date Friday, February 16th Recap – S’mores write the reaction for the production of s’mores write down the available material on hand [48 Cr, 32 Ch, 40 Mm] how do … Continue reading


CP20 – Limiting

Date Friday, March 3rd Recap Homework How do I represent before and after? Questions? New Idea Introduce the “Table” I – D – F Only moles Full Practice Ch. 9 … Continue reading


CP19 – Limiting

Date Thursday, March 2nd Class Business Science course for next year Please see me if you have questions New Idea – Limiting Reactants Recipe for S’mores How do I determine … Continue reading


CH18 – Practice

Dates P1 – Tuesday, February 28th P3 – Wednesday, March 1st P5 – Wednesday, March 1st ** Note: P3 and P5 do not meet during this cycle (Career Day) Class … Continue reading


CH17 – Limiting

Dates P1 – Monday, February 2th P3 – Monday, February 27th P5 – Tuesday, February 28th Class Business how is everyone? happy to be back! 😜 Limiting Reactant Review write … Continue reading


CH16 – Cookie Recipe

Dates P1 – Thursday, February 16th P3 – Friday, February 17th P5 – Friday, February 17th Class Business LNB comments Hand back Tests Answer Key Posted Lots of Sig Fig … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 16

Dates Period A: Friday, February 5th Period B: Friday, February 5th Period F: Monday, February 8th Quiz Limiting Reactants One problem scenario Que facil! New Material – Lab Prep we … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 15

Dates Period A: Thursday, February 3rd Period B: Thursday, February 3rd Period F: Friday, February 4th Limiting Reactants Practice – Practice Chapter 3 (115, 117, 119) For each problem, in … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 28

Dates Periods B, D: Thursday, October 23rd Period G: Friday, October 24th Mole Day Voting! Use the QR Code posted in the room or click this link Stoichiometry (Continued) Percent … Continue reading