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AP Chemistry: Class 15


Important Summary Information


  • Thursday, February 4th

Kinetics Recap: Differential Rate Laws (How fast!)

  • rate depends upon concentration
  • uses experiemntal data
  • order does not depend upon overall reaction stoichiometry
  • order reflects RDS of mechanism
  • long way vs short way to prove order

Kinetics: Integrated Rate Law

  • integrated form of differential rate laws
  • concentration depends upon time
  • graph method is the way to determine
  • only 0, 1, 2 orders examined (simple cases)
  • Examples

Looking Ahead

  • Finish all of kinetics AP problems in Schoology
  • Lab Next Week: Mon / Tues / Thurs
  • Need to finish and submit report LNB by end of week
  • No work over the break

What is on the AP Formula Sheet

  • not much
  • what is there is unlabeled



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