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Chemistry Honors: Class 37

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  • Period F: Monday, April 4th
  • Period A: Monday, April 4th
  • Period B: Tuesday, April 5th

Return LNB

  • please refer to the grading rubric if you have questions
  • I will not consider any resubmitted labs without a conversation first

Digital Data Collection

  • PASCO airlinks [LINK1] [LINK2]
  • Install Sparkvue app (NOT Sparkvue HD) [LINK]
  • Sensors / Airlink / iPad (Physical Setup)
  • iPad Screens

Acids/Bases in Solution

  • pH definition
  • pOH definition
  • pH + pOH = 14
  • what does [H+] mean?
  • calculating [OH-] and [H+]

Titration Lab Next Class

  • repeat the last titration experiment
  • this time look for the sharpest climb in pH
  • equivalence point at highest jump (not pH = 7)
  • counting drops gives volume
  • titration curve background [LINK]


  • install Sparkvue app
  • UPDATE iOS software (if not already done)
  • bring fully charged iPad for class
  • review the linked videos in this post (brief notes in LNB)
  • LAB DAY next class period
  • READ (notes in LNB) p. 714-716 in textbook


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