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CP34 – Long Blocking

Date Tuesday, April 3rd Lab Reports Collected Thoughts? Results? Difficult aspects? Easy parts? Formatting? Long Block Part 1: Acid-Base Calcs Final Idea: Kw Kw = [OH–] [H+] = 1 x … Continue reading


Titration Competition

Thanks to everyone who submitted an image for the competition. After the voting was concluded the winner is PICTURE #3! CONGRATULATIONS to EM and BV from P5!


CH33 – Still VL

Dates P4 – Monday, April 2nd P5 – Monday, April 2nd P7 – Tuesday, April 3rd Mini-Lab Reports nice job! very clean and logical reminder: writing in LNB is not … Continue reading


CP33 – More VL

Date Monday, April 2nd Recap Virtual Lab titration standardization process how far did you get? Virtual Lab – Part 1 Homework –> Acids and Bases –> Standardization of NaOH Perform … Continue reading


Virtual Lab Support

Welcome to the Virtual Lab! The virtual lab is software designed to replicate the chemistry and decision-making in a real chemistry lab. The software allows for unlimited trials and experimentation … Continue reading


CH31 – The Struggle

Dates P4 – Wednesday, March 28th P5 – Wednesday, March 28th P7 – Thursday, March 29th Homework Recap Titration curve thoughts and observations? where is the equivalence point? phenolphthalein – … Continue reading


CH30 – The Curve

Date Tuesday, March 27th Recap – pH main ideas homework questions? New Idea – pH after a Reaction pH of a solution after a reaction perform standard calculations determine leftover … Continue reading


CP30 – pH

Date Monday, March 26th Recap – Titration Lab reaction calculations formatting New Idea – pH easy way to indicate how much acid in solution strong acids calculation examples Homework Ch. … Continue reading


CP29 – Buret Fun

Date Friday, March 23rd Lab Day Notes waste beaker distilled water refilling the burets what to do if spilling overshooting the end point known concentration HCl = 0.125 M apron … Continue reading


CH28 – Lab Day

Dates P4 – Wednesday, March 21st P5 – Thursday, March 22nd P7 – Friday, March 23rd Long Block I – Titration Lab Notes waste beaker distilled water refilling the burets … Continue reading


CP28 – Titrations

Date Tuesday, March 20th Recap acid-base = behavior identify the acid and base in a reaction HF + H2O –> F- + H3O+ Long Block I – Titration Reactions define … Continue reading


CH27 – Titrations

Dates P4 – Monday, March 19th P5 – Monday, March 19th P7 – Tuesday, March 20th Class Business tests (handed back after Tuesday) comments written (always honest) New Idea – … Continue reading


CH24 – Class Meeting

Dates P4 – Monday, March 12th P5 – Monday, March 12th P7 – tuesday, March 13th Practicing Problem Set [LINK] problems NOT assigned as HW 83, 89 #fun #knowledge Homework … Continue reading


CP33 – Spring Break

Date Friday, April 7th Recap – Virtual Lab patterns? ideas? challenges? New Fun! More Virtual Lab Try: Stoichiometry and Limiting Reagents –> Oracle Problem Try: Quantitative Analysis –> Unknown Concentration … Continue reading


CH33 – Vacation

Dates P1 – Friday, April 7th P3 – Friday, April 7th P5 – Thursday, April 6th Recap – Titration Curve what does the shape indicate? how do I know where … Continue reading


CH32 – Titration Curves

Dates P1 – Wednesday, April 5th P3 – Thursday, April 6th P5 – Tuesday, April 4th Class Activity – Overview definition of titration curve determine the pH at various points of … Continue reading


CP31 – pH

Date Friday, March 31st Lab Recap What results did you find? Correction on [OH–] New Idea = Water bracket notation autoionization of water product of ions is a constant Practice … Continue reading


CP30 – Titration

Date Thursday, March 30th Lab Day Titration of vinegar with NaOH safety fun! color change! calculations! Homework Calculations in LNB