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Chemistry Honors: Class 39



  • Period F: Thursday, April 7th
  • Period A: Thursday, April 7th
  • Period B: Thursday, April 7th

Digital Titration Lab

  • Thoughts on digital data collection
  • What worked? What didn’t work?
  • Course expectations (hint: perseverance)
  • FYI – We will use this equipment for all remaning labs
  • Please review Class 38 notes for sensors

Titration Lab Processing

  • Given: [NaOH] = 0.139 M
  • Determine [HCl]

LNB Work

  • Write complete “Data” and “Calculation” sections for the lab
  • write everything in LNB using data from the lab
  • finish during class – submitted by the end of the period


  • No HW
  • Note: I will grade the assigned HW from Class 37 when collecting LNB


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