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Chemistry Honors: Class 45



  • Period F: Wednesday, April 20th
  • Period A: Friday, April 22nd
  • Period B: Friday, April 22nd

Lab – Calorimetry

  • crystalline solid = sodium nitrate (+20.50 kJ/mole) [LINK]
  • recommended amount of water = 100 mL (how will you measure this?)
  • recommended amount of “salt” = 2 grams (use +-0.01 balance with weigh boat)
  • stirring is VERY important
  • use PASCO equipment for temp measurment
  • Q: which temperature will you use if collecting over time?
  • how many trials should you do?
  • Clean up = lots of water down the sink
  • Use tap water for the lab
  • Why don’t we need distilled water?
  • Note – we do not use units of “calories”
  • CQ-approved web site source for help [LINK]

Analysis & Homework

  • finish remainder of the lab in LNB


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