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CH41 – Connections

Dates P4 – Tuesday, December 5th P5 – Tuesday, December 5th P7 – Wednesday, December 6th New Idea – KMT (see top picture) distribution of particle energy high and low … Continue reading


CH40 – Update

Dates P4 – Monday, December 4th P5 – Monday, December 4th P7 – Monday, December 4th Update After taking some time to reflect on the course schedule for the upcoming … Continue reading


CH38 – Boiling Over

Dates P1 – Thursday, December 8th P3 – Wednesday, December 7th P5 – Thursday, December 8th IM Force Concept Connections Viscosity Surface Tension Vapor Pressure Evaporation Boiling Point & Vapor … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 58

Dates Period A: Wednesday, May 18th Period B: Wednesday, May 18th Period F: Thursday, May 19th Note: Period F = Formal Dress Day, Mater Schedule Lab Day – Molar Volume … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 03

Date Tuesday, January 12th Homework review the assigned problems ensure that the answers connect with major ideas collect work Phase Change – Key Ideas Evaporation (KE of Particles) Vapor Pressure … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 11

Date Tuesday, January 27th Class Business clear up confusion about Schoology submissions supplemental pictures posted in Schoology for Ch. 11 Final Unit Review Complete the review assignment posted: LINK Write … Continue reading