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CP32 – Learning Fiesta!



  • Wednesday, November 16th

Party Details

  • Test will be conducted in pairs (or solo if desired)
  • Students allowed to bring LNB and use during the test
  • Test questions cover three (3) substances only
  • Test objectives listed on the syllabus
  • Students must know shapes / rules / angles etc…
  • Provided: Periodic Table (only)
  • TREE ALERT: Answers written on separate paper (one substance per piece)
  • Practice Problems to try if interested: Ch. 11 (2 – 70 even)

Party Questions

  • Total valence electrons in the substance
  • Lewis Dot Structure
  • Electron geometry around central atom
  • Overall shape of substance
  • Build 3D structure
  • Each bond angle in the substance
  • 3D Drawing
  • Bond polarity (drawn on 3D)
  • Overall Polarity (drawn on 3D)


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