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CP42 – Recap and Review

Date Wednesday, December 6th [LONG BLOCK] PART I – GROUP QUIZ Overall Structure students given three formulas students also given information about a physical property need to match the substance … Continue reading


CP41 – Physical Properties

Date Monday, December 4th Recap Lab rubric questions / comments / suggestions Revisit Ideas how do I determine molecule polarity? what are the steps? how do I compare different polarities? … Continue reading


CH39 – Lab Working

Dates P4 – Thursday, November 30th P5 – Thursday, November 30th P7 – Friday, December 1st Class Work lab report collaboration time follow posted guidelines Homework Lab Report in LNB … Continue reading


CP3940 – Lab Processing

Dates Thursday, November 30th Friday, December 1st Lab Recap & Processing what happened in lab? how do we account for uncertainty? how do we rank the liquids? how do we … Continue reading


CH38 – Polarity Lab

Dates P4 – Wednesday, November 29th P5 – Wednesday, November 29th P7 – Wednesday, November 29th Lab Day (woohoo!) procedure notes safety notes LNB notes Lab Debrief what did you … Continue reading


CP38 – Polarity Lab

Date Tuesday, November 28th Lab Day review supply locations safety & disposal Conduct Lab in Pairs controlled experiment? complete data recording? Lab Debrief What did you find? How do I … Continue reading


CP36 – Molecule Polarity

Date Thursday, November 16th Recap bond polarity dipoles molecule polarity overall Class Activity PhET Simulation Worksheet shared in GDrive [LINK] download a copy and write your answers submit PDF to … Continue reading


CH35 – More Polarity

Dates P4 – Wednesday, November 15th P5 – Thursday, November 16th P7 – Thursday, November 16th Recap – Questions? bond polarity? 3D drawings? overall polarity? what do I look for? … Continue reading


CP35 – Polarity!

Date Wednesday, November 15th Quiz (15 minutes) Lewis structure VSEPR shapes New Idea – Polarity! Slide Presentation [LINK] Electronegativity Bond Polarity Molecule Polarity Super Cool Simulation [LINK] Homework CHapter Notes … Continue reading


CH34 – Molecule Polarity

Dates P4 – Tuesday, November 14th P5 – Tuesday, November 14th P7 – Wednesday, November 15th Recap bond polarity molecule polarity examples super cool web interactive [LINK] 3D Drawing how … Continue reading


CH33 – Bond Polarity

Dates P4 – Monday, November 13th P5 – Monday, November 13th P7 – Monday, November 13th Quiz – Lewis Structures one formula total valence electrons Lewis structure Formal charge on … Continue reading


CP36 – IM Forces

Date Monday, December 5th Class Business Collect hw 10 (from Class 34) Unit 5 Objectives and the final exam Final Exam – still finalizing the form of the test Final … Continue reading


CH36 – IM Forces

Dates P1 – Friday, December 2nd P3 – Friday, December 2nd P5 – Monday, December 5th Class Business Collect hw 11 (from Class 34) Unit 6 Objectives and the final … Continue reading


CHCP35 – Polarity Lab

Dates P1 – Tuesday, November 29th P3 – Wednesday, November 30th P5 – Thursday, December 1st P7 – Thursday, December 1st Lab Day Conduct the lab during class, including the … Continue reading


CP34 – IM Forces

Date Monday, November 28th Recap Build: H2O, HF, NH3, CH4 Determine the overall polarity of each molecule New Material – Connecting Examine the graph below… explain the trend Homework Chapter … Continue reading


CH33 – VSEPR Rave

Dates P1 – Thursday, November 17th P3 – Friday, November 18th P5 – Friday, November 18th Party Details (Updated Monday 11/14) Test will be conducted in pairs (or solo if … Continue reading


CP32 – Learning Fiesta!

Date Wednesday, November 16th Party Details Test will be conducted in pairs (or solo if desired) Students allowed to bring LNB and use during the test Test questions cover three … Continue reading


CP27-31 = VSEPR Modeling

Dates Class Meetings 27-31 November 3rd – November 15th Test = November 16th LNB Collected on test day NOTE: This post is a summary of the class posts for the … Continue reading